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Mobil Patrol                                                              

Visits and checks on many premises are carried out by our mobile patrols at irregular intervals and unspecified times, particularly during the silent hours, weekends and holiday periods. This shared service provides customers with a uniformed mobile security guard equipped with two-way radio and in constant contact with a control center. The activities of our mobile patrols are controlled by a system which not only ensures its efficiency and effectiveness but also gives customers detailed reports confirming that the guard has made his visits and rounds of inspection in the proper manner. Phoenix Security, Inc. provides emergency and temporary guard and staffing services for a variety of temporary, one-time and emergency jobs at competitive rates.

A patrol service main function is to act, as a deterrent against would be thefts or vandals on the premises being patrolled. The effectiveness of the patrol service depends greatly upon the number and frequencies of patrol passes. This can be adjusted according to the area and risk of the individual property being patrolled. The cost of the service is balanced against the cost of potential lost or damages on the property.

Mobile Security Officers can carry out visits to those sites not requiring a permanent security presence. These visits are particularly useful in the early detection of crime or vandalism and also to check temperatures, boilers and processes etc., contacting emergency contacts as necessary.

Vehicle Patrol is available for larger sites that require a larger area to be patrolled. All of our patrol vehicles are uniformed with door decals and the Vector emergency lighting system to identify it as a security patrol & response unit. We have trained officers to drive the patrol units with care and proper driving technique.